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Soft Seating & Reception - Sherborne

Code Description Express Delivery? Weight Seat Height Enquiry
5SS/SH1/VVMA Sherborne, One Seat - Marina 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVWL Sherborne, One Seat - Waterfall 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVTO Sherborne, One Seat - Tomato 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVSL Sherborne, One Seat - Seal 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVOL Sherborne, One Seat - Oatmeal 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVNR Sherborne, One Seat - Noir 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVAO Sherborne, One Seat - Avocado 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVEO Sherborne, One Seat - Espresso 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVPK Sherborne, One Seat - Peacock 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/VVRT Sherborne, One Seat - Rust 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/FRD Sherborne, One Seat - Flame Red 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/FCT Sherborne, One Seat - Cobalt 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/FAC Sherborne, One Seat - Aztec 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/FKR Sherborne, One Seat - Kingfisher 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/FGE Sherborne, One Seat - Granite 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH1/FBK Sherborne, One Seat - Black 19kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVMA Sherborne, Two Seat - Marina 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVWL Sherborne, Two Seat - Waterfall 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVTO Sherborne, Two Seat - Tomato 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVSL Sherborne, Two Seat - Seal 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVOL Sherborne, Two Seat - Oatmeal 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVNR Sherborne, Two Seat - Noir 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVAO Sherborne, Two Seat - Avocado 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVEO Sherborne, Two Seat - Espresso 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVPK Sherborne, Two Seat - Peacock 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/VVRT Sherborne, Two Seat - Rust 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/FRD Sherborne, Two Seat - Flame Red 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/FCT Sherborne, Two Seat - Cobalt 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/FAC Sherborne, Two Seat - Aztec 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/FKR Sherborne, Two Seat - Kingfisher 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/FGE Sherborne, Two Seat - Granite 28kgs 430mm
5SS/SH2/FBK Sherborne, Two Seat - Black 28kgs 430mm
Specification Sheet Specification Sheet
  • Sherborne is perfect for furnishing reception & break areas or creating a relaxed meeting environment
  • Wood frame with deep fibre-topped seat cushion
  • Vinyl or fabric upholstery
    • Vinyl - Fire retardant & antimicrobial
    • Fabric - Fire retardant
  • Polished beech legs


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