Soft Seating & Reception - Stroud Beam

Code Description Weight Seat Height Enquiry
5SS/STBE2/VVMA Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Marina 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVWL Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Waterfall 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVTO Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Tomato 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVSL Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Seal 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVOL Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Oatmeal 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVNR Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Noir 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVAO Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Avocado 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVEO Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Espresso 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVPK Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Peacock 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE2/VVRT Stroud Beam, Two Seat - Rust 19.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVMA Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Marina 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVWL Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Waterfall 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVTO Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Tomato 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVSL Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Seal 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVOL Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Oatmeal 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVNR Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Noir 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVAO Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Avocado 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVEO Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Espresso 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVPK Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Peacock 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE3/VVRT Stroud Beam, Three Seat - Rust 24.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVMA Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Marina 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVWL Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Waterfall 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVTO Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Tomato 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVSL Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Seal 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVOL Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Oatmeal 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVNR Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Noir 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVAO Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Avocado 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVEO Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Espresso 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVPK Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Peacock 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE4/VVRT Stroud Beam, Four Seat - Rust 29.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVMA Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Marina 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVWL Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Waterfall 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVTO Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Tomato 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVSL Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Seal 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVOL Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Oatmeal 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVNR Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Noir 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVAO Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Avocado 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVEO Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Espresso 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVPK Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Peacock 34.6kgs 470mm
5SS/STBE5/VVRT Stroud Beam, Five Seat - Rust 34.6kgs 470mm
Specification Sheet Specification Sheet
  • Stroud Beam is a versatile modular beam seating solution
  • Ergonomically shaped, upholstered seats & backs
  • Plastic outer fitted to the reverse of the back
  • Fire retardant & antimicrobial vinyl upholstery
  • Black finish beam, legs & glides
  • Maximum capacity 150kg per seat position


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